Leek lotus family breeding method

The growth habit of leek lotus shows a warm, humid, and sunny environment. Not afraid of cool heat, strong cold resistance. It is very convenient in family planting.

Temperature requirements

Leek lotus likes a warm environment. Generally from June to September each year, it is its flowering period.

The most suitable temperature for the growth of leek lotus is 16-28 ° C, which is not cold -resistant, and the wintering temperature should not be less than 5 ° C.

If the interior can be kept above 15 ° C in winter, leeks lotus can continue to grow healthy. You can even bloom flowers.

Light requirements

Leek lotus likes the sun with sufficient sunlight. If the growing environment is shade, the quality of the ball will be worse.

Although the semi -yin can also bloom, the amount of flowers is small and the flowering period is short.

Too dark places may lead to the result of non -flowering.

Water requirements

Leek lotus likes a slightly dry soil environment.

During the growth period, the soil should be dried and wet, and you must not accumulate water. After September, reduce the amount of watering. From November to February, it is guaranteed to be slightly dry.

Soil requirements

The most suitable soil for leek lotus should be sandy soil with good drainage and humus.

However, leek lotus is tenacious, and the requirements for soil in family breeding are not high. From slightly acidic to weak alkaline soil, from sandy soil to light clay can adapt.

You can put a hard plastic foam block or broken brick tile on the bottom of the pot to breathe the drainage.