Lotus bamboo breeding methods and precautions

Breeding method


It is suitable for growing in sandy soil or semi -mud sand and semi -mud sediment in the drainage.


From May to September, watering should be watered to keep the soil moist, so as not to dry, but not to accumulate water, otherwise it is easy to rot. During the high temperature period, the leaves should be sprayed with water and the ground to increase the humidity of the air, and the amount of watering is appropriately reduced in autumn and winter.


Lotus bamboo applies 1-2 times a month during the growth period, which can promote thick green and green leaves, and stop fertilizing in winter. Lotus bamboo has a strong adaptability, and it can grow well at all light, semi -light, and shade. High temperature, high humidity and sunny environment. Xisha quality soil, avoid water accumulation, resistance to drought.

Light and temperature

The suitable growth temperature is 20-28 ° C, which can resist 2-3 ° C at low temperature, but it should prevent frost in winter. The high temperature and wet season in summer and autumn are very beneficial to the growth of lotus bamboo, which is the best period of growth. It is not strict with light, and it is suitable for growing under bright scattered light. Excessive light, exposure will cause the leaves to become yellow, green, and slow growth.

Breeding method

Cut the intercepted stems in spring into 5 cm to 10 cm of stem nodes without leaf, or cut the base tip to dry. For a long time, the tip of the tip of the stems in the indoor shadow is inserted in the clean rough river sand, poured water, covered with a plastic bag, and kept the matrix moist, and the room was bright. Or insert the cut branch into the water, and take root at about half a month at 25 ° C.


Disease prevention

Lotus bamboo often has leaf spots, stem rot, and root rot hazards. It can be sprayed multiple times with 100 times Bordeaux. Lotus bamboo is common in insect pests and hazards of seams and grashes. It is sprayed with 50%oxidation lotus milk oil 1000 times liquid.

Leaf yellow

Lotus bamboo is yellow because of lack of fertilizer or light or burns. Everyone needs to pay attention when breeding.