Luwei’s flowering period and its management

Luwei’s flower period

The color of the Luwei flowers is bright and diverse. Most of the flowers are white, red veins, red halo or red stripes on top of the flowers. The petals are 8 to 10 pieces, which is developed.

Its flowering period is between early spring and summer, and the flowers bloom for time during this period, but it will always open one after another to make you full.

Of course, some flowers will stay in autumn, and the flowering period is still very long!

Flower management

First of all, fertilization management: During the flowering period, Luwei’s flower needs a lot of nutrients to provide growth flowering for plants;

Therefore, fertilization must be applied during the flowering period, and fertilizers should be applied, but do not excess.

The proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can be used for fertilization with low nitrogen fertilizer or organic matter of 5: 10: 10.

Secondly, light management: Luwei’s flower preferences light, especially during the flowering period, you need to absorb light to promote the opening of the flowers, so pay attention to the light and you can put it on the balcony, but when you encounter strong light Essence

Finally, weed management: Weeds must also grow during the flowering period, so pay attention to weeds that will affect the quality and quantity of flowers, so weeds should be removed in time. Spray the herbicide to the plant.

Lu Wei’s flower language

Lu Wei flower itself is a romantic flower -like flower, because of rich colors, red, pink, pale purple, white, yellow, etc., and there are stripes on the flowers;

So the flower language of the beautiful Lu Weihua is like a fairy tale love!