Mao Haixing’s breeding method and precautions

1. Breeding method

1. Select pots

The first step of breeding Mao Haici is to choose a suitable flower pot first. You can choose a rough pottery, or you can choose a plastic basin. First of all, the rough pottery pot is well permeable. Don’t worry about the water in the basin, and the pottery is relatively stable. Don’t worry about being blown down by the wind. The second is a plastic basin, which is cheap and light, and saves space, but be careful not to put it in a strong place, it is easy to be scraped away.

2. Earth distribution

The soil of the breeding starfish can be made with perlite and stone residue ratio, and some charcoal can be added. This soil has a very good water permeability.

3. Watering

After Mao Haixing has just been planted, it is watering. You can water a small amount of watering many times, and you cannot water it at one time.

4. Fertilization

It is best to apply the bottom fertilizer when planting the Mao seizure, so that it can promote the rooting and development of Mao Haixing. After that, the demand for fertilizer in Mao Haixing can be fertilized as depending on the situation.

5. medication

In the process of breeding Maici, although the probability of diseases and insect pests is very small, it is best to apply pesticide prevention every two months.

2. Precautions

1. Temperature and light. Mao Haixing likes a warm and dry environment, and requires sufficient sunlight. The temperature of its growth environment is best to control between 15 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature must not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, otherwise Mao Haixing will be frozen.

2. Maintenance of summer and winter seasons. In summer, Mao Haixing is not placed in a place where the sun is not exposed, and the ventilation is better. In winter, Mao Haixing must be placed in a sunny place. In the case, you can use light to remedy the problem of light.

3. Watering. Watering Mao Haixing is not suitable for a large amount of watering or water spraying and pouring water. Just water the water and ensure that the pot soil should not be too drought.