Martian flower family breeding methods and precautions

Mars flower family breeding method


Hi Chong Foot Sunshine, so pay attention to keeping the sunshine of Mars flowers.


One of the characteristics of Mars flowers is cold resistance. The dew in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River can overwinter. In the north of our country, it is best to see the sun in the room in winter.


It is suitable for growing in the sandy loam soil with good drainage, loose and fertile, and the soil is required to have sufficient water.


Pay attention to watering during the growth period to keep the soil moist, and during the birth of Mars flowers, pay attention to making sufficient water in the soil.


The growth of Mars flowers is actually the extension of the stolons, and the vines are very strong. Therefore, before planting, the soil should be fully puzzled, applying full fertilizer, and rectification. After germination in mid -March, the pregnancy period and the flowers were applied once to the fertilizer, so that the leaves of the leaves were full of flowers, forming a fully updated renewal. In this way, the average ball stems will bloom in June of the same year, while the weak will bloom the second year.

Precautions for breeding of Mars flowers

Cold -resistant

Mars flower is native to Africa. The so -called cold -resistant is actually according to the temperature of Africa. Friends in northern my country must pay attention to it in winter. It is best to put them indoors.


Pay attention to two periods with more moisture, growth and fertility during Mars flowers.


The space for the growth of the stems of Mars flowers is relatively large, and more attention should be paid to it when planting ~ Leave enough space for him.