Method of breeding in colorful leaf drinker


This plant likes a semi -yin environment. If the light is insufficient or the light is strong, it can cause their leaves to change color. If it is not placed properly, it may cause them to die. Therefore, they cannot accept the sunlight directly. Especially in a strong case, pay attention to shading for it.


Although this plant likes moist, it is not possible to pour too much water or not drain it in time. If the root contact is too long for water, it will not breathe normally or even rot. Spring and autumn are the golden period of their growth. At this time, as much as possible, as much as possible without rotten roots.

At this time, there is a misunderstanding. Everyone may think that when the summer is too hot, this plant should need water more. In fact, it is not the case. In summer, it is necessary to reduce the number of watering. Especially when the temperature is the highest at noon, they will not be able to stand it.


We all know that fertilization should be matched with watering, so the same reason is as much as possible in spring and autumn, and as little as possible in winter and summer. But pay attention to the concentration of fertilizer too high, the concentration of fertilization is as low as possible each time, and it can be operated once every half a month in spring and autumn, but if the operation is too frequent, Ye Xin’s color is easy to fade. Everyone must keep in mind.


This kind of plant is generally not large, because the room temperature can rarely be lower than 4 ° C, and the temperature in other seasons should not exceed 20 ° C. If you encounter a hot summer, you can choose to cover the shade and spray around the surroundings. Cool it to achieve the degree they need.