Method of Tie Orchids


When the minimum temperature in spring stabilizes above 15 ° C, you can change the pots and divisions of Tielan. Tielan should be cultivated in the morning and evening light or semi -light photos. Pot soil needs to be kept moist, but it should not be too wet, and often spray the leaves and four weeks to increase the humidity of the air. Spring is the peak growth season of Tielan. Pay attention to the supply of fertilizers.


In the summer, Tielan should be placed in bright light or semi -light photos to prevent sun exposure. Perform normal water and fertilizer management. Increase the number of spray sprinkler.


Autumn management is the same as spring. After the temperature drops at the end of autumn, keep the indoor temperature of about 20 ° C. Pay attention to water and fertilizer management to ensure sufficient light. If the indoor temperature is low at the end of the autumn, you need to ensure sufficient light, reduce the frequency of watering, let the pot soil dry, and stop fertilizing at the same time. The flowering period will also be postponed accordingly.


Winter is the inflorescence period. If the inflorescence grows completely, it can be placed in a place with a lower indoor temperature. Keep the indoor temperature at about 10 ° C, the indoor light is bright, the pot soil is slightly dry, and when the temperature is high, the air humidity is increased to the leaves and the spray multiple times around. When the room temperature is low and does not bloom in autumn and winter, it should be placed in a light room with a light of about 10 ° C to ensure sufficient light and make the pot soil dry. After the temperature rises in the spring, keeping water and fertilizer can still bloom.