Monkey Noodle Little Longlan breeding method

Monkey Noodle Little Longlan breeding method


Monkey noodles are acidic matrix, which requires loose breathability and well drainage. It can keep the root humid without water. Generally, Yanglan cultivation matrix can be used.

Water and fertilizer management

There are not many requirements for fertilizer and water, and they are afraid of fertilization, thick fertilizer and partial nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer. It is required to follow the principle of “light fertilizer, small amount, and nutrition”.

Temperature and humidity

Temperature: Monkey noodles Little Dragon Lan like cold climate, afraid of coolness, difficulty in summer; it is not resistant to frost and cold. When the temperature drops below 10 ° C, it will enter sleep. The most suitable growth temperature is 15-28 ° C.

Humanity: Monkey noodles like a dry air environment. It is too long in rainy days and vulnerable to germs. Afraid of rain, keep the leaves dry at night. The relative humidity of the best air is 40-65%.

Light condition

Monkey noodles in the late autumn, winter, and early spring seasons. Because the temperature is not very high, it must be given to the sunlight to facilitate it to perform photosynthesis and form flower buds, flowers, and strong. If you encounter high temperature or in summer, you need to cover about 50% of the sun. After flowering, the indoor maintenance and appreciation should be placed near the doors and windows southeast to extend the flowering period and increase the number of flowers as much as possible.

Breeding method

Monkey noodles can be reproduced in methods such as sowing and division.

Precautions for Monkey Noodles Xiaolong Lanjia

Monkey noodle small dragon orchid period maintenance

The flowers of the monkey noodles are the origin of the name, so take good care of the monkey’s face during the flowering period! During the flowering period, watering should not be too much to prevent rotten roots. Do not water the leaves and petals to prevent the flower type from being destroyed.

Monkey noodles Xiaolonglan Common diseases and insect pests

There are quite a lot of common diseases on monkey noodles: withered disease, anthracnose, white silk disease, leaf blight, rot rot, root rot, etc.

Monkey noodles are common pests: scriptworms, aphids, snails and 蛞蝓.