Mountain banyan breeding methods and precautions

Breeding method

The most suitable growth condition is a high temperature and humid environment. It is not strict with soil, can adapt to different soils, and can grow normally even in places with severe air pollution.

You can put it directly in the sun during daily maintenance, and the plenty of sunlight can make it more vigorous. But from July to September each year, it should be properly shaded, especially the light that is too strong around noon.

The demand for water in summer is relatively large. You can pour water twice a day. In addition to watering, it is often sprinkled with plants and surroundings in addition to watering.

Some slow -release fertilizers can be applied within its growth season, but not too much. Before planting, you must choose a nutrient with sufficient nutrients.

Try to move indoors in winter, but stay away from the air outlets and heating of the heating equipment.


It is easy to cause pests and insect pests in the long -term wet soil. Therefore, you must pay attention when watering. Do not be too humid or stagnant.

When the weather is dry, you must sprinkle the plants and surroundings many times, and you can sprinkle more than 2 times a day.

If the long -term sunlight is not abundant, it will directly affect the growth of plants. This is very long to recover.