Multi -defective David breeding method and precautions

Breeding method


David’s requirements for the soil are not high. You can use rotten leaves and coarse sand to be mixed as pot soil. Another method is to go directly to the flower shop to buy nutritional soil that is suitable for David. The soil must be loose, breathable, and can continue to keep moisture.


David must be watered after being under the plant, but the amount cannot be increased. When watering David, pay special attention. Be sure to pour in a small amount each time, and do not water too much or not water for a long time. In summer, control the amount of watering to avoid the rotten roots of succulent because of excessive watering, especially the weather in continuous rainstorm. It must be moved to the room, otherwise it will cause a large amount of water in the David flower pot.


David has not demanded fertilizer and can not be fertilized, but if you want it to grow faster, you can also choose to go to the flower shop to buy special fertilizers and fertilize according to the instructions of use.


David, like other flesh, rarely occurs with diseases and insect pests, but still needs to prevent early prevention and not to be too great.


David likes the sun very much, but he can’t expose it under the scorching sun, especially in summer, you must do a good job of shading. In winter, you can put them in the sun and sun in the sun.


David can’t carry the cold. It is most suitable to grow in an environment with 15-25 degrees Celsius. In winter, the minimum temperature cannot be lower than 5 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, David’s leaves will rot or even die.

I hope Xiaobian’s sharing can help flower friends when breeding succulent David!