Night Flower’s family breeding method and precautions

Homorogua family breeding method


Yehehua likes moist and fertile soil, so remember not to let the soil too dry when breeding! Potted plants are best for mountain mud. Remember not to cultivate lime soil. Be sure to be acidic. If you have conditions, you can test the pH value of the soil. The pH is 5.5 to 8.5. Of course, if you don’t want to test the pH value. Xiaobian also has a little trick! That is 6 copies of the vegetable garden, 4 copies of Hezha, and then mixing half a spoonful of black alum, so it is done!


The night flowers are more durable, so don’t let the night flowers be exposed to the sun, but don’t give him the sun! It is still necessary to let the night flowers accept the gentle sunlight, the night flowers also need photosynthesis!


Most of the wild night flowers are mostly born under the evergreen broad -leaved forest at an altitude of 600 to 900m, and they have poor resistance to toxic gas. So pay attention to the degree of pollution of the air, the flowers with too serious pollution, and the editor is unable to do it!


The suitable temperature during the flowering period is 22-25 ° C, which is delayed below 20 ° C, so if you want to open the flowers normally at night, you must pay attention to the temperature!

Precautions for Night Flower Breeding


When the sun is exposed to the sun, pay attention to the shade for the night flowers.


The temperature in winter should not be less than 5 degrees, otherwise it will be in danger of frozen death!