Note for the maintenance of new red soy sauce

New purchases of red soy sauce maintenance attention

The newly purchased yew needs to pay special attention in terms of maintenance. Because after buying it home, we must first encounter a problem of changes in the environment. At this time, the stuff will spend a lot of energy to adapt to the new environment.

The first is to pay attention to watering. If you buy it before and after buying home, the biggest environmental difference is probably moisture. Before buying home, most of the maintenance environment of Equipment’s maintenance environment is mostly high -humidity greenhouses. After buying home, in order to make it adapt to the environment of the home as soon as possible, it is necessary to spray water at the plant. It can be sprayed a few more times, and the opposite side of the leaves can be sprayed more, because the back side of the blades has strong absorption of water. Basically, you can decide to spray water several times a day according to changes in temperature, but it is best not to spray water at night.

The second is to pay attention to fertilization. The newly purchased red beans itself is still tender. At this time, it is best not to apply too much fertilizer when it is maintained. Try not to spray fertilizer on the leaves.

New purchases of Emperor Pruning Note

The newly purchased red beans need to be properly trimmed. Because when transplanting the red beans, it may have a certain harm to its roots, resulting in the imbalance of nutrient supply of branches and leaves. At this time evaporation. Therefore, at this time, the branches and leaves can be properly trimmed to reduce the loss of water.

The germination ability of the yew is relatively strong. After trimming, you can germinate new branches and leaves soon. Pay attention to the pruning of the shape.