Olive flower variety Daquan

Green olive sandalwood

Mainly produced 1,000 acres of olive fruit parks in Fujian, and the good varieties of Minhou and Minqing food are sold well at home and abroad. The fruit is small, the peel is dark green, the meat is yellow, crispy, delicious, and sweet.

With the development of planting and cultivation technology, green olive sandalwood is divided into four major products: green olive medicine, green olive long sandwich sandalwood, green olive tap sandalwood, green olive sweet sandalwood sandalwood.

The olive olive medicine is the highest for nutritional medicine for the scent of the osteophyllus. The favorite varieties that olive enthusiasts now are: 香, triangular, red heart, sweet lym, three twins, etc.

Tea olive

It is mainly produced in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, with narrow fruits, dark green peel, ash spots, delicate meat, crispy, and no astringency. 10 to November mature.


It is mainly produced in Zengcheng, Guangdong, with the tip of the fruit base, with 6 grooves, and the top of the fruit is flat. Good quality, small nuclear, thick meat, sweet flavor, and oil content, which is a good variety of olive oil. “Cold dew” matures before and after.

Three parties

The fruit is large, the fruits are triangular, the base is large and round, and the traces are triangular. There are three grooves. The flesh is thick and the quality is average. Beginning before and after the “Summer” began to mature, “autumnal equinox” harvested before and after, and it is relatively high -yield and stable.