Palace breeding methods and precautions

1. Environment

Pay attention to the places where the sun is not refracted. Be sure to pay attention to shading, and the surrounding humidity is best. It cannot withstand the environment that is too dry. The ventilation work must be done well. The general suggestions when potted planting is to place the pots near the ground. In winter, it needs to be buried in the soil and can pass the winter outdoors.

2. Watering

Papering cypress is a moist plant, so you must pay attention to watering when breeding, but you must not accumulate water. Otherwise, like most other plants, its rhizome will rot. When the weather is particularly drought, not only must it be watering, but it also needs to spray some water on the leaves to do a good job of moisturizing work for it.

3. Fertilization

For fertilizing the ground, it is generally recommended to choose thin rotten organic fertilizers. In spring, it is generally about March or autumn in the spring. These two periods need to be applied three times of fresh water fertilizer.

4. Pruning

You can choose the side branches that do not grow too long to trim them shorter in time before the new branches of spring branches are raised. The healthy stretch of the branches. If it is trimmed, you can choose to operate in the dormant stage of the laid cypress.


The frequency of turning the pot does not need to be too frequent, every three years is enough, the best before the spring buds. When turning the pot, you can remove some old roots and old soil, and then replace the new fertile soil. This can effectively promote the growth and development of new root systems. It will enhance.

6. Note

The most important problem in the process of breeding shops is to prevent and redefine the occurrence. Its common disease is rust, and the main pests are red spiders. When the pests are found, they must strive to manage it as soon as possible. The most important ones are the most important ones. The measure is to choose the right drug for prevention and treatment.

Well, everyone has finished reading today’s introduction, is there a lot of gains? Friends who like to pave the cypress hurry up and cultivate a breeding, and use the method I introduce!