Planting a few ball root plants in winter, the New Year will be rewarded

Come to a pair

Cameron, also known as rabbit ears, radish begonia, is really the name of the flowers. Looking at the appearance of the charming blossoms, it is really a bit like a rabbit’s ears ~

Planting and maintenance

1. Select: You should choose a ball with a ball diameter of more than 4 cm, central leaf buds and flower buds.

2. Soil: The choice of soil coming from a charming guest is very important. It is best to choose sand soil or other breathable soil.

3. Planting: When the fermented ball is buried, one third is exposed on the soil, or exposed the buds outside.

4. Watering: When you just plant it, you should not water too much. Basically, you can wet the soil on the surface layer. After rooting, you can completely pour water. Then master the rhythm of wet wetting.

5. Maintenance: It is usually placed in a cool place. If the leaves growing are too dense, it is best to remove some manually. Pay attention to fertilization.


Dear friends should not be unfamiliar with Tulip ~ Tulip has the reputation of the world after the world flowers, and the Tulip field of the Netherlands should be a place where many people want to go!

Planting and maintenance

1. Tulip species ball selection is large and plump. Generally, you can buy it with multi -bacteria and disinfect it, and then soak it with gibbererin solution for 10-15 minutes to promote flowering.

2. Pot soil should be mixed with 6 parts of corruption, 3 parts of sand, and 1 part of rotten fertilizer. After planting germination, ensure sufficient sunlight and moisture.

3. Apply a thin liquid fertilizer every 10 days, and add 1 time phosphorus and potassium fertilizer before the buds.

4. Normal maintenance, placed in a bright place to wait for germination. After germination, the tulips are just dry before watering, and beautiful flowers will be bloomed in spring.

5. Note: The tulips that can be bought on the market are divided into natural balls and frozen balls. If you want to bloom during the Spring Festival, you can choose to perform frozen balls with low temperature treatment.

Zhu Dinghong

Maybe Zhu Dinghong’s other name, everyone will like it more, Baizilian, hahaha, for the Chinese who like more children and blessings, the omen of this flower is really good ~

Planting and maintenance

1. Clean the ball: cut off the rotten and dry roots, and peel off some of the outer brown dry skin to avoid causing ulcers.

2. Planting balls to hydrate. For example, because the breeding period is more water loss, it is best to replenish the ball, that is, soak the middle and lower part of the planting ball with a slightly higher temperature water temperature than the environment temperature. Plant hormones such as moldycin are beneficial to root up and post -germ, but you need to pay attention to the concentration and soaking time, otherwise it will be clumsy.

3. Disinfection. It is a key link for planting. Generally, disinfectants such as polymorphic spirit, Bacteria clearing, and methyltotobu can be used.

4. Medical selection. In a limited planting space, the choice of medium is very important. Zhu Dinghong is planted with crispy, permeable and acidic medium. The recommended medium is peat: vermiculite: perlite = 2: 1: 1 or peat: perlite = 1: 1.

5. Planting depth. When the roots are just planted, at least half of the sphere is exposed, and the status of the ball root is often checked, because the roots of the ball are very prone to ulcers during this period. After waiting for this period, the roots of the ball root have grown, and then the soil is covered to 1 of the ball root 1. /2 or 2/3.

6. Watering. After planting, water it once, wait for the basin soil to be basically dry, and then water it. Do not fertilize separately except for the bottom fertilizer before the leaf.

7. Place the environment. After planting, first place it in a cool place at 10-15 ° C to root, and then move to 20-25 ° C at a higher temperature at 20-25 ° C.


If you don’t look closely, Hyacinth, even feel like a big ice cream, looks good and “delicious”!

Planting and maintenance

1. Cut off the withered root

Eliminate the root of the ball, be careful not to damage the root disc. Try to peel as little as possible, wipe it with mold spots, and the dry skin can be torn off.

2. Remove germs with polymorphic spirit

Everyone is best to disinfect and sterilize the ball first to prevent mildew. Mix the multi -bacterial spirit according to the proportion, soak the cleaned seedlings for about half an hour, then place the ball in a cool and ventilated place, and dry it for 24 hours. Subsequent mildew phenomenon can be used to wipe the mildew part with cotton cloth and cotton swab dipped in multi -bacterial liquid.

3. Hyacina on the basin

Put the ball of Fengxinzi on the container that has been prepared in advance, so that the bottom of Fengxinzi is about 2cm at the bottom and water.

4. During the hair root shading treatment

When the pot is just planted, Fengxinzi should be treated with light, and the ball is to be placed in the dark part of the vase. The sunlight cannot be seen. You can use plastic bags, newspapers, etc. to wrap the bottle transparent part. Keep at about 9 ~ 10 degrees, change the water once every 5 days, and change the water once every 7 days after the long root.

5. Long leaves are exposed to the sun

After the lighting period is spent, the sun needs to be sufficient to promote the growth of the leaves. Otherwise, plants are prone to grow, and in severe cases, they will not bloom.

6. growth and flowering period maintenance

When the cinnamon is planted to flowering, it takes about 50-60 days. Blossoming requires sufficient light. When the flower buds grow to 5-8cm high (about 8-12 weeks), the vase can be placed in a warm environment. It is 15-21 degrees.

After flowering, the cinnamon flower stalk is less to see the sun after flowering, so that the flowering period is longer. After flowering, the sun will always accelerate the fading of the flowers and the excessive consumption of nutrition.

7, precautions

① About side buds. Most plants reproduce by seeds, but the cashish is nutritious and breeding the next generation by splitting the ball. It is normal to carry side buds (small balls).

Personal suggestion: Novices can erase the side buds, and it is not necessary to abandon it at all, because in our domestic climate environment, it is almost impossible to cultivate a small ball in a natural environment to the flowering ball.

② Regarding the location of the water surface, the storage is easier to rot, so the water should not be drowned during hydroponic, and the ball and the water surface must have a gap of 2cm.

③ About low temperature treatment. You can put the chanxin in the refrigerator preservation room before hydroponic. After 2 weeks, it will be taken out to plant, because from a cold place to a warm place, it will make the Yinxinzi think that spring is coming, and it starts to start to start Sprout.

④ Regarding the change of water, unless the water is turbid, it is not recommended to change the water.

⑤ Regarding fertilizer, when there is nitrogen fertilizer in the water, don’t let the water see the sun! It will destroy the roots of the wind and faith!


Narcissus, known as “Lingbo Fairy”, Narcissus and narcissus, as the name suggests, the fairy in the water, of course, will be raised in the water ~

Planting and maintenance

1. Remove the brown envelope on the outside of the water fairy ball.

2. In order to facilitate the growing flower buds, cut a knife vertically between the sprouts of the daffodils, cut 3-4 layers of scales, and cut one knife on each side. Do not hurt the flower bud.

3. Then soak it in the water for 24 hours, and then a lot of mucus will be leaked around the flower bud. These mucus will affect the growth of narcissus and clean it.

4. After washing the mucus, you can place it in a basin.

5. Put in a sunny place during the day, and the temperature remains above fifteen degrees. Pour the water in the pot at night, and add water to cultivate the next morning, so as to avoid the crazy growth of the leaves. After more than 20 days, you can see the buds growing.

Okay, the most common breeding ball flower has been introduced ~

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