Plants eating flies


Creamy vegetables are also called golden silk, white flower leaves, no trace, pepper grass, mountain pepper, stone dragon buds, felt moss, etc., which are plants produced in Antarctica. Putting bugs and absorbing their nutrition.

Snake Snake Bottle Grass

The shape of the plant is as famous as its name, and it is different from the cobra. It is a must -have plant for many plant collectors.

Pork cage

It is also called a monkey cup. The name is because people see the monkey holding it with the water. In addition to the predation of insects, even the birds flying in the sky can be prey on the ground. A very strange type of insecticides.


It is also known as the gate grass. Its appearance is very gentle, with a long flowering period, and its flowers are very petite and cute.

Bottle grass

The bottle grass is a plant produced in the United States. Its shape is similar to the bottle and is named.


The color of insects is very gorgeous, which is also the way it is used to attract bugs.


Flying Tottery is also called insect cage, landing pearl, fly hell, etc., which are plants produced in North America.

Sun bottle grass

This kind of grass supplements nutrients to capture insects. Its shape gives people a very elegant feeling.

Glandular woolen grass

Glandular grass is also called Rainbow Grass as the nutrients that absorb worms. Now all over the world are planted in the flower pot for viewing.


The sticky insect Jingyuan is a plant produced in the Mediterranean, which can emit a strong fragrance. This taste is also a means to attract worms.