Plants that live in the air?Just put it directly at all

Plants living in the air

There is only the only plant that grows completely in the air on the earth, and that is the air pineapple.

But don’t understand the wrong! It does not mean that the air is floating in the air, and the air pineapple needs to be fixed on the stone or branches, and some will grow very small roots to fix themselves. The meaning of growing in the air is: the air pineapple can grow through the absorption of water and nutrients in the air. Is it cool?

Air pineapple is a big family, which can be divided into two categories.

One type of growing in a humid rain forest or swamp, where the air is moist, without worrying about water, its leaves can grow wide and large, and some are rolled into wavy, very gorgeous!

The other type of growing in dry desert. In order to maintain precious water, their leaves are fine and densely clustered together. At first glance, it looks like a cluster of grass, very inconspicuous. The sunshine of the desert is always hot. In order not to be roasted, the air pineapple here is also paved with a layer of white fluff on the leaves, which can block the sun and condense the water vapor in the air.

The wonderfulness of the plants is not nothing, but slowly obtained in the process of evolution.

Air pineapple is a member of the pineapple family. On the road of evolution, pineapples chose the lifestyle of the enchanting: climbing on the big tree, closer to the sun, and far from the herbivore on the ground; On the stone, even the whimsical growing on the electric pole! But this is also far from the fertile land. How to do it? As a result, pineapples began to cherish every drop of rain dew. Turning the leaves into a small pond became a pineapple of water. I also learned to absorb water and nutrients from the air, and gradually got rid of the dependence on the soil. And air pineapple is the most outstanding leader in the family. It has evolved completely to rely on air, so amazing!

Do you want to raise some? Hurry up and share with your friends. There are some air pineapples at home to let this unique plant beautify your home ~