Potted Potted Potted Pot soil

Potto Earth Selection of Ruixiang in Phnom Penh

When the potted Conbian Ruixiang, it is best to choose a tile pot for breeding. The flower pot should not be too large or too small.

If it is during the flowering period of Ruixiang in Phnom Penh, you can use a plastic basin or porcelain basin. After the flowering period of Ruixiang in Phnom Penh, it can be replaced with mud pot for maintenance.

When Pencles Ruixiang is carried out, pot soil can choose loose and fertile and humus -rich soil to present acidic rot soil. You can add an appropriate amount of river sand and rotten fertilizers. The soil is best used after disinfection.

Kinbian Ruixiang Restaurant

Potted Pennal Ruixiang needs to be changed to grow well. It is generally performed every 2 years. When changing the pot, the soil needs to be replaced, so that it will grow well.

When Phnom Penh Ruixiang changing pots, time is generally selected in early spring, imports in February -March, but in spring for buds or winter, it is best not to change the pot.

When changing the pot, remove the plant first, remove the outer soil, and keep the soil in the center part. Then restart the pot. According to the size of the plant, the flower pot is selected, and the new soil, when the pot is put on the pot, the burial depth of the soil should be consistent with the original.

After Ruixiang in Phnom Penh, it should be poured in water after the basin is restarted, placed in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance. Generally, it can be maintained normally.