Pu Shu’s breeding method and precautions

1. Temperature

Pu Shu’s adaptability is very good, and the cold resistance is also very strong. Generally, it can be used in some places in the Yangtze River Basin, so the requirements of the general temperature are not particularly large. As long as it is not particularly high temperature.

2. Light

Because it likes lighting itself, we usually place it in a place where the sun is relatively sufficient. It is better to ventilate it. In the summer, you do n’t need to cover the sun, because if it is too cool, it will make it compare with it. It is easy to grow alone, so that the branches will be thinner, and the leaves are very large, which will affect the effect of its ornamental. But if it is placed in the room, it is best not to take too long.

3. Watering

Because it is more humid, but it also has a certain ability to resist drought. But watering should not be too much. And the entire growth period should be highly controlled, so that its leaves can become smaller, which can improve the value of its ornamental. It is necessary to remind you that when watering it, try not to let it spray it on the leaves, otherwise it will make the leaves grow too much. Therefore, when watering is watered, just remember to dry and wet, and the dry and wet can. Generally, keep the pot soil in a wet and somewhat dry state. In winter, it will enter a state of dormant, and at this time, it is necessary to reduce the amount of water.

4. Fertilization

It is very important to fertilize it for it. It cannot be fertilized too much, but it cannot be fertilized too little, otherwise it will make its leaves yellow. We usually look at the growth of the tree in its basin and use fertilizer reasonably.

5. Proper trimming

When it sprouts, its ability is very strong, and it is particularly resistant to trimming. But when you are young, you must pay attention to trimming, so that it can promote its trunk and make it very thick and bent, which is conducive to the better look in the future.