Red clove breeding method and precautions


Before introducing this flower breeding method, you must first talk about their growth habits. This plant was originally grown in the jungle, beside the stream, beside the stream, and the water on the hillside, in a place above 900 meters above sea level. It is more common in the courtyard in our home today. They like sunlight, warm places, enough water, enough sunlight. Can resist a little cool.

Planting location

It is best to plant them where the sun is sufficient. Although they say that they have a bit of yin tolerance, if they have more positions with shadows for a long time, they will lead to weak growth and bloom. Therefore, the location of the selection must be better, and the terrain should not be too low. If the terrain is too low, it is easy to cause water accumulation. If it is not treated in time, it is easy to kill the entire plant.


After planting it, you can choose to water once a day, and after each watering, it must be loosened to ensure their growth. In North China, the best time for them is from April to June. During this period, they must be watered twice or three times a month, and they must be poured through. Pay attention to the problem of drainage in July. Before the winter of November, water must be poured in one -time water.


If you have grown into a big seedlings for three or four years, you will start to prunites and cut off the position of 30cm above the ground, so that the next year can it be better. In spring, cut off the weak branches and dry branches, so that the rest can grow better. After flowering, cut the remaining flowers, so that the flowers can be bloomed better the next year.