Redflower silver birch breeding method

1. Sowing

When breeding as a small potted plant in the room, the seeds must be sowed in the flower pots of seedlings. The seeds must choose excellent varieties. The choice of cultivation soil only needs to be slightly loose and fertile, because the adaptability of safflower silver birch is relatively strong.

2. Gel

After careful care, the seeds of sowing will soon germinate. After germination, you can choose some small seedlings with similar growth. The height is kept between 3 cm and 5 cm. In this way, the growth of the later period will be relatively neat.

three. transplant

Be careful when transplanting small seedlings, and you must not hurt the root system of safflower silver birch. It will be more vigorous. The flower pots can choose a ceramic basin or a blue and white porcelain pot. These two kinds of flower pots are either simple or gorgeous. They are very suitable for safflower silver and birch. They will get very good visual effects.

4. Post -management

Finally, put the planted red flower silver birch in a window or a place with sufficient indoor light. Its seedlings will be limited by flower pots and will not grow too long. But if it is placed in a place with poor conditions, its branches will grow too long, and its overall aesthetics will be greatly reduced! In fact, if it is planted on the ground and the environment is suitable, it can grow to more than 30 meters. There will be beautiful cracks on the bark. It takes 30 years.

5. Diseases and insect worship prevention

The main diseases of safflower and silver birch are heart rot, white powder, and rust. Insect pests are mainly sheltering leaf armor, dance poison moths, etc., but the situation is not too serious. , Early discovery, early governance!