Report the breeding method and precautions of Dendrobium

Plants’ habits and needs

First of all, this plant has certain needs for the sun, but it cannot be too strong. Second, it also has requirements for fertilizer, especially when it cannot be drawn from the soil. In addition, it needs to be trimmed in a timely manner, so that it is conducive to its strong growth.

specific method

Light: Let’s talk about the treatment after planting. At this time, it should be placed in a cool place, and there is a gown to irradiate it. Do not shoot it with strong light. Let’s talk about different treatment in the four seasons. Spring is similar to the processing of autumn, and it can make it see the sun in the morning. Pay special attention in summer, don’t let it be directly radiated by the sun, it is also enough. The sun in winter is relatively strong, and it can be placed in a better light.

Fertilization: First of all, we should understand that this plant is rooted, so we need to spray some leaf fertilizer to supplement the nutrients required by plants to facilitate its growth. Under normal circumstances, fertilization can be applied about one week after planting, once every seven to ten days, and three times in a row. After growing a new bud, fertilizer is applied every ten days or half a month. In particular, the soil is relatively barren, and you should pay attention to topdressing. For the first time, you can mix some nitrogen fertilizers with animal feces. Time can be selected before and after the Qingming. The second time is the time when the beginning of winter, choose fertilizer such as rapeseed cakes to be applied to the roots.

Pruning: Doing this can prevent the environment from being too shade. Every year to spring, we can cut off the weak or aging root of plant diseases and stems.


When giving light giving plants, it is best to place the air at the same time where the air flows better, especially in summer.