Ruo Ge poetry family breeding method and precautions

Breeding method


The growth temperature is 15-25 degrees, and it is not less than 5 degrees in winter. It is best to move into the indoor ventilation area to safely overwinter.


If the song poems are warm and dry, and the light conditions are good, it is not resistant to low temperature.


The choice of soil matrix, the overall requirements are loose and breathable. You can use cooler mixed peat soil and a small amount of perlite. The ratio is about 6: 3: 1.


Watering in the growth period is generally dry and soaked. The rainy and high temperature season usually water it 1-2 times a week, and keep the pot soil dry in winter.


Fertilization during growth is generally every February.

Breeding method


If the song poems are mainly reproduced in cuttings, the more neat branches and leaves are selected, inserted in the sand pot, and the basis can be put on the basin when the root is 3 cm. The survival rate is very large.


The division is another breeding method of Ruo Ge’s poems. The cluster of Ruo Ge poems are separated from the mother plant and implanted in another container. The survival rate of the branch is very large.



Do not forget to let Ruo Ge poems bathe in the sun. Only when the light is sufficient, the edge of the leaves of the song poem will appear red! Otherwise, the flowers will be long.


Pay attention to watering on the leaves of Ruo Ge’s poems when watering. If it is poured on the leaves, after the water droplets are dried, they will leave spots on the body of Ruo Ge’s poems!


The growth rate of Ruo Ge poems is fast, remember to choose a larger flower pot ~ or replace the flower pot in time in time ~