Sage ends picture

Introduction to the sage

The tail of the sage is green, and it will become gray later, 1.5-2 cm in diameter, no leaf, 10-14 edges, 15-20 short thorns at 0.5 cm, and the newborn is slightly red.It is named because it looks like a mouse tail.From April to May, the flowers are leak -like, pink, about 8 cm long, and 7 cm in diameter.The berry is spherical, red, with thorns, small seeds, reddish brown.The stems of the sage are twisted finely, the color is thick, the short spines are clustered, the arrangement is neat, the color is bright and beautiful, and it is an excellent ornamental plant in the room.Hang the flower pot under the eaves with metal shreds and display it in front of the window in winter. The ornamental effect is excellent.

Appreciation of the sage ends