Sakura Crystal breeding method and precautions

Breeding method:


It is more drought, but is very afraid of waterlogging. Spring and autumn are its growth period. During this period, watering can be watered according to the “see dry and wet”, and the soil can be maintained in winter. There must be no water accumulation at any time, otherwise it will be easily rotten and will die in severe cases. But if it is too drought for a long time, it will also cause plant death.


It is necessary to ensure abundant sunlight during the growth period, but the excessive sunshine still needs to be covered, especially the summer sun. If it is cultivated for a long time, its leaves will lose a full and thick state, and it will change color; but if the sun is too strong, the leaves will be sunburned, which will seriously affect its health and beauty.


It does not have high requirements for nutrients. It can be fertilized once every 25 to 35 days from the growth period, and the concentration of fertilizers must be light and should not be applied at the same time.


When the environment is relatively dry, humidify the plants and surroundings so that its leaves will be more full of meat.


Finally, you should remind friends that it will have a flower cricket in summer, and remember to put it off. This is good for the growth of the newly growing leaves.