Septic flowers bloomed in the past few months

Conditions for flowering results

If you want to make the red bean red beans flowering, in fact, as long as you meet the following conditions.

One is that the age of the red soy sauce must reach a certain time. If the breeding of the red beans grows very short, then the red surfing is less than blooming. Therefore, to let the red beans flow on and bear fruit, be sure to wait for it to age.

The second is that the environment of growth and other conditions meet the needs of yew. This is actually very important. Only if the conditions are appropriate, the growth of red beans will be fast and good.

The third is that when breeding red soy sauce, it can be planted together with different male and female plants, because red beans need to be pollinated by different plants, so when planting Equipment.

Southern Equipment Flower Results Time

The southern yews can usually bear results when the tree age reaches 7-8 years. The southern red bean is male and female. Its flowering period is generally from April to May, and the fruiting period is from June to November. The fruits of the southern yews are like cherry, which is very beautiful.

Man Di Red Soy Blossom Results Time

Manchia yew is also a male and female yew. When planting, it is best to be planted with female and male plants. Generally, after 4 to 5 years of breeding, it can be fruitful. The flowering period of Man Di red beans is between April and May, and the result is generally from June to November.