shock!Family flowers are so great!Learn it!

1. What should I pay attention to in family flowers?

① No harmful plants to the human body. Lilac and Ye Laixiang can emit particles that stimulate the sense of smell at night, which has adverse effects on patients with hypertension and heart disease; the flower fragrance of the peb -peel can make people fall asleep and reduce intelligence; Tulip flowers are toxic, and excessive contact can easily make people fall off; the oily aroma emitted by pine and cypress flowers will affect human appetite.

② Do not raise “Xiangke” flowers and trees. When the rose and wood rhinos are together, the wood rhinos will wither, but the wood rhinoplasty will release a substance to die for rose poisoning before fading. Grass flowers such as Yu Meiren, orchids, Shipbu, violet, lily and other flowers are difficult to get along with other flowers.

③ The patient does not raise flowers indoors. The fungal spores produced by the soil in the flower pot will spread to the indoor air, causing the surface or internal infection of the human body. It may also invade the skin, respiratory tract, outer ear canal, meningus, and brain. This is worsened to patients with diseases and poor constitution, which is more harmful to patients with leukemia and organ transplants.

Second, how to choose plant species reasonably?

Choose a plant type, depending on the size, lighting conditions and personal hobbies of the room. It is necessary to fully consider the weak natural light conditions in the room, and choose the types of joy and yin resistance, such as colorful red -iron trees, wrinkles, chili grass, flowers and leaf evergreens, combined taro, and green dill, one orchid, turtle -back bamboo Wannian, brown bamboo, bamboo, loose bamboo, begonia, orchid grass, rubber tree, Clivia, Dutch iron, Brazilian wood, etc.

How to pay attention to the color of green plants?

Color must be harmonious. Leaf color choice should make it harmonious with the walls and furniture colors. If you do not access to dark green plants on the green or tea wall, otherwise the yin will be heavy. In addition, different functions of living rooms should also be different in the selection of leaf color. The study should create a sense of tranquility, mainly white, yellow (or markings), light powder, etc.; while the bedroom should increase the sense of relaxation, the leaf color light green, those who are light green, Good.

Fourth, how to choose green plants according to the season?

Generally speaking, spring should be based on flower viewing; summer is mainly based on leaf watching, and can be equipped with pure and cool flowers such as bamboo, colorful leaf taro, cold water flowers; Pot flowers; in winter, it is more embellished with red, tea, narcissus, plum blossoms.

Fifth, how to configure green plants reasonably?

The indoor plant accessories center should choose the first -class position of the best sight, that is, the location of the eye at any angle. The best visual effect is generally the line of sight of 2.1 ~ 2.3m from the ground. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement and combination of plants, such as “front low and back”, “the forefront is small, and the posterior leaves are thick and green.” In order to increase the cool room, densely arranged in the corner to produce the atmosphere of the jungle.

6. How to place green plants properly?

If the dense flowers and leaves are placed properly, it may cause a large shadow in the room. Therefore, the general tall wood -based leaf plants should be placed on the corner, the cabinet, or behind the sofa, so that the furniture blocks the lower part of the plant and extend their upper part. Change the shape and atmosphere of the space.

7. What kind of furniture does different plants match?

Palm can be paired with very strong furniture material and decorative furniture. The detailed vertical plants, such as birch and willow, make people look like a courtyard, and match with soft print cotton can create a warmth. The beautiful plants, such as Lalan, Suzland, etc., are suitable for modern space rich in minimalist flavor.

8. What plants are suitable for newly renovated houses?

Schilan: A pot of sprinkling orchids in the 8-10m2 room is equivalent to an air purifier.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera has a certain effect of absorbing odor, can also beautify the living room, and has a long role.

Fairy palm: Most plants absorb carbon dioxide during the day to release oxygen, and the opposite at night. Fairy palm, tiger Pilan, Jingtian, aloe, and spinal orchids have always absorbed carbon dioxide to release oxygen.

Ping An Tree: At present, large plants such as Ping An and camphor trees are more popular on the market. They can release a fresh gas themselves, which makes people happy.

Green with fruit plant bonsai: Fruit is the best deodorant, such as pear, oranges, melon, small pumpkin, etc.

Nine, what green plants are suitable for living rooms?

Pay attention to two points for the layout of the living room:

The first is where plants are placed, and the prerequisite should be based on the passage that does not block the movement;

The second is that flowers should be as much as possible, and large plants should not be placed in the middle of the living room. Many family living rooms are connected to the restaurant. This can be used as a plant, such as hanging green dill, ivy, and hanging orchids. Fortune trees and rubber trees are placed on the ground. This can form a green drooping curtain, which looks natural, beautiful and elegant.

10. What green plants are suitable for bedrooms?

The bedroom is a place where people rest, and the area is small, so it is not advisable to arrange plants. Small pots of potted flowers, such as aloe, bamboo, etc., try not to arrange suspension plants as much as possible.

Eleven, what green plants are suitable for the study?

The study is a place for reading and office, so pay attention to creating an elegant and quiet atmosphere when layout. Choosing plants should not be too much, and it is advisable to use leaf -viewing plants or lighter colors, such as putting a two pots or two pots of bamboo and youth on the desk. Potted plants on the wall above the bookshelf can make the entire study room can make the entire study room. It looks elegant and fresh. In addition, the study can be placed with some flowers. The color of the flower arrangement should not be too thick. It is advisable to set up a simple oriental flower arrangement. Two pots can be arranged.

12. What green plants are suitable for the kitchen?

The kitchen area is generally small, and there are cooking utensils, cabinets, etc. Therefore, the decoration should be simple or small or small. The temperature and humidity of the kitchen changes greatly, and some small pots with strong adaptability should be selected, such as three -color pupa. Specifically, small rhododendrons, small pine trees or small dragon blood trees, fern plants can be selected, placed on the cupboard or by the window. In addition, small red peppers, shallots, garlic and other edible plants can be decorated on the wall. It is worth noting that the kitchen should not use too many pollen flowers to avoid the pollen scattered into the food when blooming.

Thirteen, what green plants are suitable for the bathroom?

The bathroom area is small, the general humidity is large, and it is dark, which is not conducive to the growth of general plants. Therefore, it should be selected with strong resistance and dull fern plant. The bathroom is ideal. The suspension height is better to be rushed to the water when the shower is shower.

14. What green plants are suitable for corridors and stairs?

Generally, small family corridors are relatively narrow and people come and go. Therefore, small pot flowers should be used when choosing plants, such as coconut coconut, ferns, flower leaves, etc., and can also choose different plants according to the color of the wall surface. If the wall surface is white, yellow, etc., you should choose a plant with color; if the wall surface is dark, choose a pale color of the plants. If the staircase is wide, some small leaf -viewing plants or four seasons of flowers are placed on the staircase. You can put some green or fern plants in the armrest position; the platform is wide, and rubber trees, rich trees, etc. can be placed.