Silver Life -grade Delivery

Silver Life’s plant type

According to the plant type, the grade of silver life is mainly divided into the following three types: the top is the ball shape; the center is the tower shape; followed by the flat type.

Baiyin Shou’s leaf type

As a succulent plant, the beauty of leaves is extremely important, and silver life is no exception.

The best leaf type is a pill -type leaf; followed by the rigid triangle leaves; the waist triangle leaves again; the last is willow leaf type.

The brightness of Silver Shou

Silver Life is not a state of light, but reflects different degrees of light under the illumination of light.

The best grade is waxing on the leaf surface; followed by oil lit; again light.

Silver Shou Bai Du

Because it shows the thick white white of red stripes at the top of its leaves, it is called “silver”.It is for this reason that the whiteness of Silver Shou is one of the important conditions for identifying its excellent types.

The best white is glutinous white; followed by milk white; it is white again.

In addition, the area of whiteness is best, the better.