Sleeping lotus variety

Primary variety

Purple Sleeping Lotus

This category is relatively common compared to other types. But even so, there are not many people who have seen it. Just look at the names. Their petals are purple, and the tentacles inside are golden yellow. The combination of the two colors is “contrast colors” in more popular words, which is very eye -catching.

This kind of sleeping lotus needs to survive in a relatively good location. Pay attention to it here that the water used to raise it must be quiet water. If you want to challenge this flower, you can refer to it. They are the same as most flowers. In the summer, after the flowers.

Blue Sleeping Lotus

Compared with the purple variety above, this looks more melancholy because it is blue. This is exactly the flower language of their flower, indifferent love, indifferent everything. In addition to melancholy, they have a little fresh feeling. They are uniform and tender yellow, and they are matched with this rich blue, and there is a kind of vitality in spring, indifference and strength.

The depth of water suitable for this kind of water lilies is not very deep, and it can be twenty or thirty centimeters. As long as the soil is not frozen, it can spend winter in the outdoor pool. This does not mean that they can still be green in winter, and the roots and leaves above the ground are withered.

Pink Sleeping Lotus

This variety is much more beautiful, and the combination of powder and yellow makes the whole flower look younger. They are like girls with pink mood. Of course, the girl is not asleep forever, but it is because of her sleep that she wakes up more beautifully, so the moment of opening and defeat is very moving.

Be sure to pay attention when fertilizing this time to fertilize, and you cannot use liquid fertilizer. This may be ignored. Because after all, they all live in water, and liquid fertilizer is more smooth. However, once liquid fertilizers are used, the water will be polluted, so the fertilizers can be buried directly under the soil.

Tips -golden yellow sleeping lotus lotus

This is very rare, and it is difficult to find them on the Internet. However, there are still many information mentioned that there is indeed such a kind of sleeping lotus. Although I do n’t know what it looks like, imagine that it should also be Jin Chancan, full of joy, curious friends can search for it.