Song Hongmei’s breeding method and precautions

Breeding method


Pine red plums are not strict with the soil, but the best growth trend in minimide soil rich in humus, loose and fertile, and good drainage is the best.


Song Hongmei likes a moist environment and can resist drought. Normally, as long as the soil is wet, pay attention to drainage during the rainy season to avoid water accumulation.


Song Hongmei likes cool and humid and sunny environment. The appropriate growth temperature is 18 ° C-25 ° C. The temperature should be kept by -1 ° C in winter.


During the growth period of pine plums, the rotten thin liquid fertilizer is applied every 1 to 2 months.


Song Hongmei is afraid of high temperatures and scorching sun, so in addition to the maintenance of the vascular, the shade or the shade of the shade in the summer, it should be given sufficient sunlight in other seasons.


Winter control water

Pay attention to the number of watering in winter, keep the soil slightly wet and slightly dry, and don’t be too humid.

Pay attention to thermal insulation in winter

In winter, insulation is needed, which can be planted on the small climate protection on the south side of the building.

It is advisable to use high slopes and high -platform drainage sites in terrain. Avoid depression. It is best to choose indoor potted maintenance in the north winter.

Control the soil pH value

When the soil is alkaline, it is improved by 5%sulfate solution, and it is advisable to use the pH value of 6.5-7.0.

Pruning in time

Details every year after flowers to achieve the purpose of dwarfing tree crown and maintaining a beautiful tree -shaped shape, and can also promote new flowering branches.

When trimming, you need to note that except for some branches that affect the plant type, other branches should not be cut all. Generally, half or two -thirds can be cut off.