Su Xinlan’s breeding method and precautions

Basin choice

I want to maintain Suxinlan, and the flower pot is also very important. Try to choose a deeper expansion of sand pot. In addition to increasing its ornamental, it can also enhance the breathability.

Temperature demand

It can grow normally between 15 degrees and 25 degrees, but if the temperature can be maintained between 18 degrees and 22 degrees, it will reach the best state of growth. If the temperature rises to more than 30 degrees, its growth rate will be very slow; when the temperature drops to 2 degrees, it will cause severe frostbite. Therefore, summer should be below 30 degrees, and winter should be over 5 degrees in winter.

Demand for light

It does not have too high requirements for the sun, but this does not mean that it can be cultivated in a place without the sun. It can be placed in the sun every morning and afternoon, but it is best to bask in the morning and the evening in summer and early autumn. Excessive light can hurt the leaves of the plants; in winter, they can be cultivated in the sun all day.

Moisture needs

It does not have much demand for water, but the quality of water should be stricter. Try to use non -polluting when watering, or put the water in the sun for a while before using it. Watering in summer can be according to the pot soil. If the upper layer of the pot soil is somewhat dry, water it immediately, and water at one time; watering at other times should wait until the upper layer of the pot soil is dry. Do not pour it in half, so that the soil will be clocking, and it will directly hurt the plant.

Nutritional needs

This plant needs a lot of fertilizers to maintain normal growth. Therefore, we must apply to the second fertilizer once a month, and at the same time, the secondary leaf fertilizer is performed.