Suitable for indoor plants

Rich bamboo

Lily Kobya Blood Tree is an evergreen ends, which is very suitable for indoor hydrophilic flowers. The leaves of the rich bamboo are green, the stems are straight, and the round shape is like bamboo. The leaf ovate is apex, and the petiole base holds the stem. It is an extremely yin -resistant plant. Under the condition of weak light, it still grows well and is straight and strong. It can be placed in the indoor leaves for a long time without special maintenance. As long as there is sufficient water, it can grow strong. During hydroponics, cut rich bamboo stem stalks into small segments of more than 20 cm as cuttings into water, as long as one -third of the cuttings can be immersed in water, they can be rooted into work.

Spidering orchid

Lily family perennial evergreen root flowers, clustered leaves, linear, vertical yellow and white stripes on the edges or in the middle. On the occasion of summer and autumn, a thin and flexible sagging stub branch was drawn from the leaves. Solkchida can be kept indoors, which can not only purify the air, but also has a beautiful appearance and simple management. Dig the potted hanging orchids, remove the soil, cut off the old roots, rotten roots, leave the roots, put it in the container bottle, put in water and flower nutrient solution in the bottle, so that the roots of the hanging orchid can be immersed in water and grow.


Tiannan Xingke Xilin Taro is a plant, which belongs to the flowers of vinegate. Sexuality is warm and humid environment. The vine can reach a few meters. There are gas roots in the interview. The dill is soft and the leaves are beautiful. The water care is very simple, and it is guaranteed to change the water once every 2 to 3 days, with simple nutrients. Green Luo has high ornamental value. The vines naturally sag, which can not only purify the air, but also make full use of the space to add lively lines and bright colors to the dull cabinet.


Wujiake, ivy, is the most ideal indoor and outdoor vertical greening variety. The evergreen vine is weak and soft, rooted and rooted, and can climb on other objects. The leaves are alternate, the leaves are triangular ovate, and the amount of potted plants is increasing. It is a typical negative plant that can grow in a full -light environment and grow well under warm and humid climatic conditions and is not cold -resistant. Simple water care and strong vitality.


Lily Kaitianmen is the genus, perennial evergreen grass flower. The stems are weak, the branches are slender, and the levels are carried out. Small flowers and white. Boil -shaped, black. After the fruit matures, there is a red scene in the thick green bushes, which is elegant and cute. The plant is resistant to negative, placed on the bedside and table cases, elegant and generous, and is a good indoor flower. Wenzhu is also an ideal cutting material. In recent years, water -breeding bamboo has been successfully developed, and it is even more elegant in the living room.


It is also known as the Sacrifice, which belongs to the genus of the lily family, and has a perennial herb. The stems of the flowers are pulled out of the center of the leaves, with a total inflorescence, the flowers are beautiful, colorful, gorgeous, and delicate. The environment with sufficient sunlight and cool and humid environment is suitable for potted plants and suitable for water care. During water, the bulb is placed in hydroponic nutrient solution.

Hua Ye Wannan

Lilyceae, the base of the base is thick and leathery, a lanceolate, a wide lanceolate or a broadband, 10-40 cm long, 2.5-5.5 cm wide. The flower stems are short and thick, with a length of 4-8 cm long; the top of the ears of the top meat is oval, with dense flowers, unsecured, pale yellow, and hemispherical. There are rich varieties, including green leaves, flowers and leaves, and other types. Postering the wet environment, placed in the shade in summer to avoid strong light irradiation. It is a strong ornamental flower variety. It is usually viewed by potted plants. In recent years, there have been more and more hydraulic varieties. Not only are they strong ornamental, they can effectively clean indoor air pollution.

Millennium wood

Evergreen shrubs in the dealer. The stems are straight, the leaves are slender, the new leaves are extended upward, and the old leaves hang up. There is green in the middle of the leaves, with purple -red stripes on the edge. Sex is high temperature and humidity, drought, yin resistance, easy to nourish, and stylish appearance.

Brazilian wood

The scientific name of Xianglong Blood Tree, alias, is a plant of Lily Kelong Blood Tree. Evergreen Joe wood, neatly plant shape, and tall stems. The leaves are clustered on the top of the stem, 40-90 cm long, 6 to 10 cm wide, slightly blunt, bent into bow -shaped, bright yellow or milky stripes; the leaf margin is green, and there is wave -like ups and downs. Flowers. Yellow -green, aromatic. The environment of sexual glory is full, high temperature, and high humidity environment, and it is also resistant to yin and dryness. It also grows well in the bright scattered light and the dry environment in the north. Brazilian wood mostly use cuttings. As long as the temperature and other conditions are suitable, Brazilian wood can grow throughout the year. It is a new generation of indoor leaf -viewing plants with beautiful plant shapes, regular, and world -renowned. In recent years, its hydroponic variety has developed rapidly. As long as it is equipped with sufficient slow -release fertilizers, it can grow normally. Rotate in the living room, study room, and living room.

African chrysanthemum

The root of the chrysanthemums, the flowers are large, the color is rich, and the four seasons are often opened. The environment of warmth, sufficient sunlight, and air circulation is a semi -cold flower, which is fertile and loose. African chrysanthemum is a good variety of flowers, long water care, high ornamental, and still absorb formaldehyde.