Ten plants that are against the sky!

Swan flower:

The shape of the flowers is simply narrowing the version of the white swan, and it is with feet. The most strange thing is that they are all one -on -one growth, like the wings of the world.

Bat flower:

It also has a name called a tiger, but it is also called a ghost plant. The entire plant is toxic. It swayed with the wind from the wind, which is particularly similar to the inverted bat.

Bee orchid:

This plant is in the flowering season, but it is miserable to deceive the male wild honey bee. Why is it miserable, you know.

Bailla or Orchid:

This plant is very similar to animals like swan flowers, but it is even more you are flying egrets.

Earth wings:

It is also called cicada wing, very vivid name, and it is also very dreamy.


It is also called Lei Gong pot and pig cage. Don’t look at its name. In fact, the plant itself is still cute.

Bottle grass:

It is also a member of the category of insect foods, but the other feelings of others are more elegant and more common in North America.

Analotic tree:

When you see it, you will have the urge to bite and want to bite, don’t believe it, look at plant pictures. Anyway, I really want to bite and see what kind of instant noodles.

Yan Yanlong:

This name reminds me of Naz in “Fairy Tail”, but the plant itself is covered with pointed and long thorns, which is timid.

Egg rose:

When listening to its name, it will feel that it will be a very cute plant. Yes, it looks like an egg, but the front end is like a rose. But you can’t eat it like eggs.