The breeding method and precautions of coral flowers

Method of coral flowers breeding

Light temperature

Coral flowers prefer light. Pay attention to shading in the hot heat of the heat.

In terms of temperature, the temperature in different areas is different, so the requirements are different. The north can generally move indoor maintenance in the middle of October. It should be placed in a sunny place in the room. The room temperature during wintering needs to be kept above 12 ° C.

Watering and fertilization

Do not water frequently during the growth of corals. Too much water can easily lead to dehydration and rotten roots. But pay attention to spray water around the leaf surface and pot soil, keep the leaves and the environment, and humidity.

It is necessary to apply thin cake fertilizer water, about every 10 days; in winter, remember to stop fertilizing.


After the seedlings are put on the pot, they must be topped when they grow to about 15 cm to promote branches and promote flowering. After the combination of plants, it will be trimmed once a year in the future, prompting the plant growth and development to ensure the beauty of the plant.

Prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests

Coral flowers are prone to leaf spots in high temperature environments, and timely prevention and treatment must be timely controlled.

It can be sprayed with 65%Daisen zinc wettable powder 600 times.

Common pests in coral flowers are thorny moths, leaf cicada and aphids, and can be sprayed with 10%dehuminar oil 2000 times liquid.

Precautions for the breeding of coral flowers

Pay attention to the environment of farming coral flowers

Coral breeding requires a lighting environment of full -day or half -sunlight. The soil requires loose and fertile slightly acidic soil.

Pay attention to watering

Coral flowers like a humid environment, so keep the soil humidity, but do not accumulate water.

This is the most important, precautions, as long as it is normal in other aspects.