The breeding method and precautions of Dendrobium Dendrobium

Choose a basin

This plant should choose pots with holes on all sides. If the material is material, it is best to be plastic or ceramic. The choice of potted materials is not casual. It is best to use carbon roots, bark and other materials. These materials should be soaked in water for a day before use. You can choose the size of the flower pot according to the size of the seedlings. The bottom of the pot still uses broken bricks, which is so high as a third. After plugging in Lan Miao, fix it with a fine rod.


At the beginning, put it in a cool position to avoid being sunburned, add some water to the leaf surface, and do not water it in the pot. Two weeks later, you can probably emit new roots. At this time, you can put them in the sunshade. In the golden period of its growth, you can choose the method of wet and wet watering. However, in the dry summer, water should also be sprayed on the ground of the pot of the pot, which can ensure water in the air, and pay attention to ventilation. By the end of the year, they will enter dormant. At this time, they can use as little water as possible, but pay attention to the moisturizing of the air.


In winter, friends who are placed outdoors can choose to get back the room. If the temperature can be kept at about 9 ° C, they can spend safely. But in summer, the temperature cannot exceed 35 ° C. If the temperature is too high, it is recommended to perform a certain cooling operation. If you still fail to meet the requirements, it is recommended not to raise this flower.


This kind of plant can choose an appropriate amount of leaf surface fertilizer, which is good for heels and buds. The operation time can be selected after transplanting for a week, and it can be used three times a month after one month. When the new buds grow, use compound fertilizer every half month. When the growth is not good, you can pursue it appropriately. The best time is Qingming and Lidong.