The breeding method and precautions of Dendrobium

Features of plants

First of all, it likes a warm and humid environment, which requires more than 1,000 millimeters of annual rainfall. Secondly, it also has certain requirements for the humidity of the air. In addition, its requirements for fertilizer are not very high, and there are no too many requirements for the soil. There are only two points to pay attention to, that is, breathability and water filtration.

specific method

The choice of container and cultivation materials:

Don’t underestimate this step, it will have an important impact on the future growth and development of plants. Under normal circumstances, we will choose to have many small holes with plastic flower pots or ceramic pots, and choose peat moss and charcoal blocks as materials. As for the size of the container, it is necessary to determine according to the size of the specific plant. The gap cannot be too disparate, and too small plants cannot be installed in too large pots. In addition, the materials we choose need to be soaked in water for a day before use. The bottom of the container we choose should be put on some tiles or bricks, not too deep. Then we can fix the plants in the central government and put them in other cultivation materials.


We have said that it likes a moist environment, so water can be regarded as a very important factor. For plants just planted, we do not water first, we can sprinkle some water on the leaves. After about ten days or half a month, that is, after the new root grows, it can be maintained normally. The peak season of growth should be poured once a day. When it is very drought, spray some water on the ground.


When we plant plants, we must pay attention to separate the cultivation materials between the roots and roots, so that it is easier to survive.