The breeding method and precautions of Dilonglian

Di Yong Jinlian’s breeding method

Temperature: like a warm environment, not cold -resistant.

Light: Avoid direct sunlight in summer high temperature seasons.The temperature should be moved into the room below 10 ° C. It is best to place the glass window that can be illuminated by the sun.

Soil: It is best to be fat and loose and drainage, and the ground is the most loose but fertile soil.

Fertilizer: Di Yong Jinlian prefers the fertile soil, so it will also be more fat. The fertilizers should be composed and fertilized.In addition, fat phosphate, plant ash, rice bran and other fat guys should also be applied in a small amount.In the end of autumn, rotten organic fertilizer is needed.

Precautions for Di Yongjin Jinlian breeding

Di Yong Jinlian avoids rain or excessive watering, causing water.

Di Yong Golden Lotus is very cold. After the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it should be moved to the room immediately. Therefore, the environment with a higher latitude is not very suitable for the growth of the Golden Lotus.

Di Yong Jinlian cannot expose to the strong sunlight, so remember to put it in a shaded place in summer.