The breeding method and precautions of dog teeth flowers

Method of dog teeth flowers


Dog flower flowers are not strict with the soil of the growth environment, but the growth trend is best in the fertile and loose and well -drained acidic soil.


In the daily maintenance process, keep the soil moist. Do not wait until the pot soil is completely dry before watering. In summer, spray water around the surroundings to increase the humidity of the air.


The warm temperature of dog teeth is above 10 ° C. If it is lower than this temperature, the leaves of the dog’s teeth will be yellow, and the branches of 0 ° C will be frostbite.


Dog’s teeth are warm and humid, and they like sufficient sunlight. They should maintain better light during the cultivation process, otherwise the leaves will be dark yellow or may even fall off.


Dog’s teeth flower like fertile soil, and the flowering period of dog teeth is relatively long, so it needs to be fertilized in time.

Compound fertilizer and feces water should be applied to each 7-10 days.

Precautions for dog teeth flower breeding

Proper watering in winter

At the end of October, dog teeth need to be moved into the room for breeding. At this time, water is usually poured once every 5-7 days, and the soil is slightly moist.

Timed pot

Dog’s teeth moved to the outdoors in April, changed the pots once every 1-2 years. When changing the pot, add compound fertilizer or bean cake as base fertilizer, trim the dead branches and weak branches, and then place it in the semi -yin.

Keep light

Dog Flower likes the environment with sufficient light, so it is usually placed in a place with sunlight to absorb the scattered light of the sun.

Summer sun is exposed to the semi -yin to avoid burning the leaves.