The breeding method and precautions of Fuso Flower


The flowerpot should be breathable enough. When giving the Fusang flower with a flower pot, choose a vegetarian pot with a good breathability or a wooden barrel pot.


Fusang flower is a positive tree species. It moves out of the sun in early May and placed in the sun. The light time is best for 8 hours a day.

Water and fertilizer

After autumn, management should be cautious. Pay attention to less fertilization in the later period to avoid extraction of autumn shoots. Do not apply a single fertilizer to provide complete nutrients. Starting from May, we must strengthen management of fertilizer, loose soil, and grass. Apply a thin liquid fertilizer every 7-10 days. Watering should be dependent on the dry and wetness of the pot soil. Excessive or wetting will affect flowering.

Wintering method

Its autumn shoot tissue is tender and weak, and it will be damaged by frost in cold days. It must be moved into the room to keep warm after the frost falls until the beginning of winter. The winter temperature requirements are not less than 5 ° C to avoid frost damage; not higher than 15 ° C, so as not to affect dormant. Sleeping is not good for the following year. All furniture houses with good thermal insulation conditions can overwinter, and when the weather is cold, it can be covered with paper or plastic film to keep warm. In the first day, the windows are opened to open the windows every day. The coldest day, watering has the effect of preventing frost damage, but fertilization should be stopped.