The breeding method and precautions of golden chicken chrysanthemum

Soil demand

Breath and loose humus -containing soil.

Moisture needs

Golden chicken chrysanthemum is very easy to grow, so it must be controlled in terms of watering. After planting, water must be watered, and daily watering is dried soil. Essence If long -term semi -dry and semi -wet soil will seriously affect the growth of plants.

Sunshine needs

The too dark environment can also make it grow, so be sure to cultivate in a sufficient sunlight environment. If it is cultivated indoors, it must be guaranteed for a few hours of light every day, so that the color is bright and vibrant during the flowering period. Flowers come.

Nutritional needs

Before planting, you can apply base fertilizer before planting, and then perform fertilization after the flower buds. Except for these two fertilizers, if the soil nutrients are sufficient, you can do not need to fertilize daily. Its demand for fertilizers is not high.

Properly trim

It is not easy to grow, so it must be trimmed from time to time; when the plant grows to 6 cm high, it must be implemented once. When the plant grows to 10 cm high, it must be topped.


The removal of weeds in the pot should be carried out during the small seedlings, and it can be removed during daily maintenance during daily maintenance, which can reduce the waste of nutrients and water.