The breeding method and precautions of iron knife wood

1. Light and soil requirements

Iron knife wood is a positive plant. It usually likes the sun, especially strong light, so it must satisfy its ability to accept light. It is best to keep between 23 and 30 degrees, not too high or too low, otherwise it is not good for its own growth. It has good adaptability, so the requirements of soil generally are not particularly high. As long as the soil is relatively deep, and it can be drained quickly, it can make it grow very well.

2. Fertilization

Usually it does not need to be fertilized, but when it grows, it has a particularly large demand for nutrients, so at this time, we better apply fertilizers to it every 2 to 3 months, so that it can make it allow it Absorb more nutrition and grow better.

3. Appropriate weeding

When it grows, there must be a lot of weeds. At this time, we must be weed in time. When the seedlings are about 30 cm high, there are 2 to 3 plants in each hole. Wait until one year before setting the seedlings, leave 1 plant in each hole. When you are in young forests, you have to loosen the soil every year to remove weeds.

4. Pruning

When it is still a young tree, it is very necessary to properly trim it for it. Generally, it is best to choose it when the leaves fall in winter, and it is more suitable for trimming when it was just sprouting in spring, so it grows out. The tree shape will look better.

5. Prevention and treatment of pests and pests

When it grows stronger, the resistance is very strong, but it will be weaker during the seedling period. At this time, some diseased pests will harm its seedlings. even death. So at this time we can adopt some drugs to spray it and kill them in time, so that it can make it go through the seedling period smoothly.