The breeding method and precautions of Mali tendons

Temperature requirements

Although it likes to grow in a temperature environment, the temperature is high in summer. It should be cultivated in places with better air circulation, and at the same time use water spraying to cool it. If the temperature drops to 0 degrees in winter, it will be frostbite, and it will stop growing at 10 degrees. So move to indoor breeding in winter.

Water requirements

Spring, summer, and autumn belong to its growth period. Water in spring and autumn every 3 to 4 days, water once every day to 2 days in summer, but can also be watered according to the actual situation, such as sunny days or temperatures than temperatures than temperatures. When it is high, the number of watering can be increased, and the watering cycle should be extended in rainy days, or watering is directly suspended.

Sunshine requirements

Except for the hot sun in the summer, it can be placed directly in the sun in other seasons, but the sunlight just entered autumn is still very strong, and it is necessary to properly shade.

Nutrition requirements

Because it can be in the flowering period throughout the year, a lot of nutrients are needed. Among them, fertilization can be performed once from 5 to 8 days during the growth period, and fertilization is also suspended on rainy days. Try to be as far from the root in fertilization, and do not splash on the surface of the plant, especially the flowers.

Soil requirements

It can adapt to many different soils, so ordinary soil can be planted.