The breeding method and precautions of Phoenix Blue

Method of Phoenix Blue


Phoenix blue likes a warm environment. The suitable growth water temperature is 18 ° C -23 ° C. It can also grow over 35 ° C, but it can stop growing below 10 ° C. It has a certain cold resistance.


Fengyan Blue has a high requirements for light. The longer the light time, the stronger the photosynthesis.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain 4-5 hours of light every day, especially in spring. If you place it in a place that is too shadow, Phoenix Blue cannot see light and transmittance, and it will rotten and die.


To maintain a relatively fixed air humidity, it is best to be between 70%and 80%. The temperature in spring gradually rises, and the evaporation of the water begins to become faster. It is necessary to spray water at the phoenix blue to increase the humidity of the air.

Generally change the water every two months, and the temperature difference between water should not be too large.

Precautions for Fengyan Blue Pulation

Pay attention to the control room temperature

The phoenix blue breeding process should be appropriate during the process of breeding. The temperature difference between day and night should not exceed 2 ° C. At 4 ° C -5 ° C, Phoenix Blue can survive, but it cannot be lower than 0 ° C. Generally, the water temperature is above 5 ° C.

Often ventilate

Persist in ventilation every day and keep the indoor air fresh. By late April, the doors and windows can be opened in the daytime, and then closed in the afternoon.

Pay attention to fertilization during the seedling period

In addition to applying foot fertilizer before the preservation, we must also often pursue it during the period of time. It is best to dilute it with rotten people’s feces and urine at a concentration of 1:20. Do not sprinkle the seedlings directly when topdressing.