The breeding method and precautions of rich coconuts

1. Breeding method

1. Sowing

The life of the rich coconut seeds is very short, so it must be planted immediately after picking it. Generally, it can germinate two weeks after sowing. There is no intention to choose the soil. Generally, the soil can be cultivated. It should be placed in a half -cool environment, and it takes fertilization every month.

2. Watering

During the growth period, be sure to ensure sufficient water. When the summer temperature is particularly high, it should often spray water for its leaves and spray water to the surrounding air, so as to increase moisture and ensure that the leaves can be bright. In winter, you must water less. At this time, it is mainly to keep the soil.

3. Light

Don’t be irradiated with strong light light, otherwise the leaves will dry, it is best to put it in places where the light is sufficient but not strong, and the ventilation is better.

4. Select pots

The rich coconut can choose a mud basin or a purple sand pot when choosing a basin. These pots are particularly breathable, and they must be changed once every two or three years.

5. Fertilization

Fugui coconuts do not pick fertilizers much. Generally, in the long run, liquid fertilizers need to be applied to one to twice every month. At the end of autumn, they can apply less fertilizer or even not fertilized.

2. Precautions

1. Watering for rich coconuts should pay attention to the principle that it would rather dry or not be too wet.

2. Don’t put rich coconut in an environment with insufficient light. Otherwise, it will grow slowly, becoming thinner and long, which will affect the visual effects very much.

3. In an environment with high temperature and high humidity, rich coconuts are particularly prone to brown spot disease. At this time, medication must be treated in time.

5. In an environment where the air is too dry and ventilated, wealthy coconuts are particularly prone to incurred insects. At this time, it must be manually scraped off and controlled by medication.