The breeding method and precautions of Shixian Tao

Moisture needs

When planting stone fairy peaches, you must choose a flower pot without pores at the bottom, because when planting, you must ensure sufficient water, and storage of water. Looking at the height of the plant, water should not be passed without the plant. It can be reduced appropriately after about 2 months. If the water is too deep without plants, the plants will die.

Sunshine needs

The sun can make it grow more robust, but not all the sunlight is suitable at all times. The sunlight in summer and the sunlight in the spring and autumn noon still need to be shade.

Nutritional needs

Fertilize every 3 months, but every time you fertilize, you must drain the water in the pot most of the water, leaving only 1 cm deep water, otherwise the plant cannot better absorb nutrients.

Requirements for humidity

During the growth process, a humid environment is needed, so it is necessary to sprinkle water for the plants and around it. When the air is too dry and heat, sprinkle water multiple times a day to maintain the humidity of the air.

Temperature requirements

It does not have too high temperatures for temperature, both cold and heat resistance, but in the winter of the Northeast, it still needs to carry out simple cold protection measures.


When harvesting, all the water in the basin is discharged, and then harvest in about 10 to 15 days.