The breeding method and precautions of spring grass

The breeding method of spring grass

Light and temperature

Spring grass likes light. If the light is insufficient, it will cause its leaves to be weak, and the degree of curling is poor, losing ornamental. With sufficient light, it can meet the growth needs of spring grass, make it distorted, and full of ornamental. However, in the summer, the shading net needs to be shaped to avoid direct light to make the leaf tip dry. Spring grass likes a cool environment and is more afraid of heat. Generally, in winter, the temperature can be kept above 10 ° C, which can grow normally. It can pass the winter safely without less than 5 ° C. Entering the summer plants start to sleep, the leaves will dry, and it can be placed in a ventilated and dry place in summer. After entering the autumn, it can grow again and manage normally.


Spring grass likes fertile and loose soil, and requires rich soil humus. Generally, you can choose rotten soil or grassy soil, and mix with knowledge and sand to ensure that it has good drainability. You can add some bone powder to the soil as base fertilizer.

Water and fertilizer management

Spring grass likes a moist growth environment. During the growth period, the soil needs to ensure that the soil is moist but does not accumulate water. The stagnant water will cause the spring grass to rot. Be careful not to be short of water. It can often spray water like spring grass to ensure higher air humidity and timely drainage in the rainy season. If you fertilize, you can apply a rotten thin liquid fertilizer once a month in a strong period of growth, which can be strong in plant growth. When blooming in spring, some phosphorus fertilizers can be applied to promote flowering.

Precautions for breeding of spring grass


The reproduction of spring grass is generally sowing. After flowering, you can choose to pollinate different strains to make the result. After removing the seeds, you can sow. It should be noted that if it is not for planting, then spring grass can cut off the stems and reduce the consumption of nutrients.


Spring grass needs to be replaced with pots. The time to change the pot is generally in August each year. When changing the basin, you need to trim the root system. When the basin is put on the basin, you can expose the surface of the bulbs out of the soil surface. After re -planting, you can pour water and place it in places with sufficient light.