The breeding method and precautions of the crimson jade

The soil requirements of crimson jade

The crimson jade has not high requirements for soil quality and strong habits. But it does not mean that it doesn’t like fertile soil. Therefore, when breeding crimson jade, we can use alkaline soil and mix with river sand, bone powder, and ordinary garden soil.

Peniles of Scarlet Jade

The flowerpot required for family breeding crimson jade needs good breathability. Therefore, you can use a mud or tile pot.

After growing up the ball of the jade jade, it needs to be replaced, which can not only help the growth of its root system and let it grow up; it can also change the soil at the same time and increase the nutrients in the soil.

The light requirements of crimson jade

The crimson jade likes the sun and can tolerate the half -shade in a short time.

It is necessary to give the crimson jade sufficient light. If the light is insufficient, it may occur. However, in the summer, you need to pay attention to shading, and you cannot expose it in strong light, otherwise the product will become worse.

The watering requirements of the crimson jade

Pin the ribs of the jade jade with your hands. If the sphere is soft and the plant material is dry, you need to water it.

At this time, watering needs to be poured through, and the sphere will slowly harden up one to two days, which shows that the crimson jade has fully drank full water.