The breeding method and precautions of the dragon claw locust


Its demand for moisture during its growth period is great, and it must keep the soil a certain humidity. When it is found that the upper layer of the soil is slightly dry, it must be watered immediately, and it must be poured. At other times, it can be kept slightly humid.


I like to grow in the sun. If there is no abundant sunlight for a long time, the leaves will shrink and the branches will be refined.


It is suitable for growing in soil with sufficient nutrients, breathable, and well -permeable, if it is the best soil with sand. Its roots are relatively developed, so it also requires deeper soil to plant.


First, ensure that the planting soil nutrients are sufficient, and then fertilize twice from June to July each year. It is best to use higher nitrogen content, and stay away from the root when fertilizing.


In the northern winter, the cold protection measures should be carried out, or placed in a shelter. Try not to put it in the warm room, if the south can be placed outdoors for winter.


It can be carried out in summer and winter, and the trimming in summer is to make it multi -side branches, make the plants lush, and inhibit the growth of plants too much; winter trimming is to trim all branches and leaves such as pests and insect pests. Then plant plastic surgery, and clean up the fallen leaves in winter.