The breeding method and precautions of the golden branch jade leaves

Potting soil requirements

Jinzhi Yuye likes fertile and loose soil. The drainage should be good, and the breathability must be strong. You can choose to mix with rotten leaf soil with garden soil and add an appropriate amount of river sand.

As for the white porcelain pots as much as possible, Xiaobian has experimented for everyone, especially the kind of 5 yuan bought by the roadside, the breathability is simply bad, the plastic basin, mud tile pot, and purple sand pot are all all It is a good choice.

Temperature and light

Jinzhi Yuye likes the sun with sufficient sunlight, and the leaves will be red in the sun. However, in the summer high temperature period, it should be shaded in time to avoid strong light, and the meat of the meat is easy to dehydrate and burn. To ensure sufficient sunlight in winter, place the plant in the sun and keep the leaves clear.

The most suitable temperature for the growth of Jinzhi Yuye is 15 ~ 25 ° C, which is not cold. In winter, the temperature should be controlled above 10 ° C, and it is easy to frostbite below 5 ° C. The temperature must be controlled to avoid the cold and the heat of the plants from being damaged.

Watering and fertilization

From spring to autumn is the growth period of golden branches and jade leaves. It can be properly watered to ensure that the pot soil does not accumulate water. In the summer high temperature season, water can be sprinkled around the plant to increase air humidity. In winter, watering is appropriately controlled to keep the pot soil slightly dry. It should be noted that when the golden branches and jade leaves are watering, pay attention not to dry or water.

The fertilization method of Jinzhi Yuye is very simple. Applying rotten liquid fertilizer once a month. If it grows weak, it can increase the content of potassium fertilizer appropriately and stop fertilization in winter.

Pot and trimming

Golden branch jade leaves turn the basin every two years, cut off the aging root system, replace 1/2 of the soil, and plant it with new cultivation soil.

Jinzhi Yuye has strong exudation, and should be trimmed frequently to ensure the beauty of the plant type. It can be combined with the pelvis to cut the golden branches and jade leaves, cutting all the branches of thin and affecting the plant type.


Improve the soil

When breeding golden branches and jade leaves, you can add several soy beans to the soil to improve the soil and release nitrogen fertilizer. In addition, when changing the new soil, try not to mix and corrode charcoal in the soil to prevent the indoor maintenance environment from being stuffy and cause rotten roots.

temperature control

In winter, the golden branches and jade leaves are moved to the indoor maintenance in time. The control temperature is above 10 ° C. If the room will not appear in time, a large area of ​​fallen leaves will not appear in time.