The breeding method and precautions of the grape style

Breeding method

Grape Wind Nobunaga is generally cultivated every year in autumn and winter. We cultivate the soil of grape style Xinzi. It is best to use soil with a more fertile and good drainage performance. Rotten leaf soil and sandy loam soil are very good soil growing grapes. After planting the bulbs of the grapes, we immediately poured through the water, and then placed it in a sunny place for cultivation. During this period, we should water it frequently to keep the soil moist. After the inflorescence grows, we must place the grape wind faith in a half -shade place, so that the inflorescence can grow quickly. Failure to the growth of plants.


First of all, when we plant the luanyls of grape wind, we should pay attention to leaking out the stems of the bulbs. Second, we plant the bulbs in a moist soil to water immediately, and then we must water less or even water. Third, the northern region, which is particularly low in winter, needs to be placed in the greenhouse. If there is no condition, you can bury the flower pots planted in grapes into the soil, cover the buds of the plant with about five centimeters thick, and then cover a layer of ten centimeters thick on the soil. This can effectively protect the cold. When you encounter frost, you can cover some plastic membranes. Fourth, grapes do not need other fertilizers and do not need to fertilize. Fifth, the amount of water in grapes is not much water, and it does not need to be watered frequently, but be careful not to let the soil dry. Sixth, the appropriate temperature of the grapes is between 14 ° C -15 ° C, and the relative humidity is best to reach 60%-80%. Seventh, if you want to control the leaves of the grape style too long, you can control the amount of watering of it, reduce the amount of watering and provide sufficient sunlight to achieve this effect.